We can tell you what it’s like to work with BRI Staffing Inc., but we think you’d probably be interested in what real job seekers, employees and associates have to say.

Please know that BRI is high on my list of things I am truly thankful for this year! Thank you for getting us through a crazy year

K. Jones

Got a great job here!

Susan W.

Great staffing place, great employers, they really help you get a job.

Heather H.

BRI Staffing Inc. is a great source of employment. They helped me find employment in a matter of days after I had been searching for months prior. I would recommend BRI Staffing Inc. to anyone who is struggling to find a job. They will find you one.

Current Employee

Friendly staff, dedicated to finding the right job for the right person. Fast and immediate callbacks, flexible scheduling. Overall a great place to work for.

Former Employee

I was contacted by BRI Staffing Inc. after posting my resume on Zip Recruiter following an extended period at my current job where I saw no advancement and a slow erosion of my benefits. The engineering position that he suggested was a great fit for me and with a market leader utilizing my current skills and challenging me to achieve more. David was with me every step of the way through the interview process and contract negotiations allowing me to feel confident in my ability to land this new opportunity. I found my new company to be the perfect fit and within 7 months of joining the team I accepted a promotion to lead the group I am a part of. I am so happy with this life changing decision and could not have accomplished this without BRI Staffing Inc..

Mark H.

It had been 11 years since I last worked for them, and today I went in to update and walked out with a job that I’m starting tomorrow.

Karen W.

When it came to finding candidates for our positions in urgent need of filling, that’s where BRI stepped in and took all the worry away. We had the spots filled with more than competent individuals who preform above and beyond our expectations. Thank you Dave and BRI!

Shane C.

BRI provides great service, appropriate follow-up and attention to his customers’ needs.

Dawn S.